What does the loader tire specification "16/70-20" mean?

Loader tire specification 16 says the section width of 16 inches, 70 says the flat ratio of the tire section is 70%, that is, the ratio of the tire wall height and the tread width, the flat ratio of the general tire is between 30% - 80%, the load index is 20.

Tyres are usually mounted on metal rims to support the car body, buffer the outside impact, achieve contact with the road surface and ensure the vehicle's performance. Tire is often used under complex and harsh conditions, it is under various deformation, load, force and high and low temperature when driving, so it must have high bearing performance, traction performance, buffer performance

Extended Information

1. Support the full weight of the vehicle, bear the load of the vehicle, and transfer forces and torques in other directions;

2, transfer traction and braking torque, to ensure good adhesion between the wheel and the road surface, in order to improve the car's power, control and passability; And the suspension of the car together to mitigate the impact of the car driving, and attenuate the vibration caused by this;

3, to prevent the car parts from severe vibration and early damage, adapt to the vehicle's high-speed performance and reduce the noise when driving, to ensure the safety of driving, handling stability, comfort and energy saving economy.